I am grateful for: “full on, bust out, laughing.”

She says to me, “So okay, you wanted to talk to him and your heart wasn’t just on your sleeve…he knows it’s burning inside your panties, you made such a fool of yourself.”

I’m in an impossibly good mood so I can’t help smiling but it’s too big and I look like an idiot. I tell her, “Uh… more or less, yes.”

She says, “And he told you, you needed a girlfriend?”

“To talk too, yep. . . but then I couldn’t stop looking at your boobs.”

She sighs.  “That’s you’re default?” She asks, “So now you’re just going to be turned on by everything?”

“Um… it’s in my own defense; not sure what you mean by a default.”

“Do I need to put my shirt back on or are you going to be able to finish the drawing like a lady?”

I hesitate.

“Seriously?  You can’t answer that?”

“You better put your shirt on.”

She hesitates.

She says, “Well, YOU best be careful.  You might be overwhelmed by what you’re attracting.”

“Hmmm. . .to be overwhelmed… by what I’m attracting…”

She smiles and basks in the light of my eyes.  

She asks me, “Why do we all let you get away with that?”

“I’m not getting away with nuthin’.  Who is we?”

“That’s a double negative.  And you know who we is.”  She says, “Anybody you walk up to and everybody following with their eyes… You get away with murder.”

“I sure hope you’re talking about crows.  I never murdered anyone.”

“No.  I’m talking~ moths to a flame.”

“Ah… okay I’ve gone too far.”  I nod, put down my pencil, and hand her, her robe.

She tries to hand it back.  “Wait. . .” she says, “We don’t have to be done!”

And I full on, bust out, laughing. 


The Kelis “Milk Shake” (music video) is being posted here for her Milk Shake and for NO COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.



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