I am grateful for: “large furry thinking caps”

 Some days it’s just all about the right hat. . .

* * *

The DakhaBrakha  “NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert” (live concert video) is being posted here for fusion and for NO COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

DakhaBrakha is a Ukrainian folk quartet from Kiev, Ukraine. The group’s name derives from Ukrainian verbs Давати аnd Брати, meaning “give” and “take” also playing on the Art Centre’s name “Dakh” (translated as ‘roof’ in Ukrainian). DakhaBrakha (correct name is ДахаБраха) defined themselves as “ethno-chaos”.  Pronouncing DakhaBrakha you can hear the sounds like “RA” – God of the Sun for the Ancient Egyptians and the Old Ukrainians, “brama” – the gates, “Brahma” – the Supreme God of creation in Hinduism, “ptah” – a bird in a meaning of a singing soul…

Members:  Marko Halanevych – vocal, goblet drum, tabla, didgeridoo, harmonica, accordion, cajón
Olena Tsybulska – vocal,  percussion instrument
Iryna Kovalenko – vocal, djembe, flute, buhay, piano, ukulele
Nina Harenetska – vocal, cello

Set List:
“Sho Z-Pod Duba” (the Home That We Built)
“Divka-Marusechka” (Maid Marusechka)



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