I am grateful for: “The Deep Heart of Tuva”

The Radio Jockey called my request cowboy music from the wild east,  hollered


Deep in the Heart of Tuva. . .you’ll go!


The Yat-Kha “Yenisei Punk” (Full Album) is being posted here for NO COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.  

Yat-Kha, a band from Tuva, led by vocalist/guitarist Albert Kuvezin is a mixture of Tuvan traditional music and rock, featuring Kuvezin’s throat singing style, the kanzat kargyraa.  The name “Yat-Kha,” means a type of small, central asian zither similar to the Mongolian yatga and the Chinese guzheng, which Kuvezin plays in addition to the guitar.

Tuva is a remote, biodiverse Russian republic in southern Siberia, populated by traditionally nomadic, yurt-dwelling tribes. The Uvs Nuur Basin, shared with Mongolia, encompasses a bird-rich saline lake amid grassland steppes, cold deserts and high mountains home to endangered animals. The massive Yenisei River and its many tributaries traverse Tuva and its Soviet-influenced capital, Kyzyl.

To learn more about the siberian quartet and Albert Kuvezin check out the Rock Band Biography for: Yat-Kha

Track Listing:

Solun Chaagai Sovet Churtum

Karangailyg Kara Hovaa


Kuu-La Khashtyn Baaryndan

Kamgalanyr Kuzhu-Daa Bar

Irik Chuduk



Chok-La Kizhi Yry

Een Kurug Kagban-Na Men

Toorugtug Taiga






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